Proudly Serving the Barrier Island Since 1951



2014 Ford F-250
This truck we are trying a new style to get more equipment to the scene and use the vehicle with more options as a manpower mover and command post.


2014 Pierce Arrow XT
2701 is a 1500 GPM pumper with a 750 gallon tank. It is first due to all calls except for extrication calls or mutual aid request for a ladder truck response.


2000 75 ft American La France Aerial Quint
This unit is 2nd due to all emergencies in our primary area and is first due on mutual aid to Lavallette. The unit has a 6 man cab, 500 gallon water tank, 2000 gallon per minute single stage pump, generator, 35ft, 24 ft, 16ft, 15ft, & 14ft ground ladders. (Photo from Mattson Photography)


2013 2013 Polaris Ranger
This 6 Seater ATV has been purchased to assist in the response on the beach. It pulls 1 of the waverunners to the beach for surf rescue and is also outfitted with a plow to assist in snow removal during the winter months. The Polaris has been outfitted with “J Wheelz” to add more traction when managing the sand on the beach when it becomes extremely soft. Additionally 2766 has 2 water cans and shovels to handle bonfires on the beach as well as additional water rescue and EMS gear. This unit has multiple functions it will be used for.


2010 Ford E Series PL Custom
2716 is designated as the Dive Unit for the station. It currently carries all dive equipment as well as ice rescue gear and other water rescue equipment.


2008 Pierce Arrow XT Rescue Pumper
This is our first due engine to all fire alarms, any type of fire, motor vehicle extrication, gas leaks and many other types of emergencies. It has an 8 man cab, 1500 gallon per minute pump, 750 gall on water tank, hydraulic generator and Holmatro extrication tools. (Photo from Mattson Photography)


1993 Ford E-Series / E-One
This is the former dive van for the station and now serves as the primary unit to bring the waverunners up on the beach for water rescue incidents. It also assists the fire police during other emergencies the station is dispatched to. This unit also is equiped with 4 wheel drive to assist with any response it is needed for.(Photo from rich Reidy)


2012 Yamaha FX High output
Lighter than our 2010 with the same motor. This Unit responds with the Polaris to any Surf Rescue Calls on the Beach


2010 Yamaha FX High Output
This is our primary response unit to the beach for water rescue incidents in the Atlantic Ocean. This unit is equiped with a rescue board used to assist rescuers with making any rescues in the Atlantic Ocean.


2006 Boston Whaler Fire Boat
500 gallon per minute Pump, Radar, GPS, Depth Finder and Capable of assisting at both Fire and Rescue incidents in the Barnaget Bay. This unit also has twin 225 Hp Mecury Engine and a removable side wall to assist divers, rescue swimmers and victims in and out of the vessel.

First Truck Ocean Beach

1948 Ford

Reassigned to Sta. 25 Formerly 2736

1999 Kawasaki 700 K-EBC Twin V
This unit is design to bring the wave runners on and off the beach for water rescue incidents. The unit has a storage box on the back which carries any spare equipment needed. Found a new home at Station 25.

Unit 2756 / 156

1950 SCUBA Unit
This unit severd the Ocean Beach Response are as one of the early SCUBA Team Units. This Ford Van Style unit is believed to be from around the 1950s era.